Step 1: Find Your First Stock, Now.


Fat Fish transform futures, and don't take long to catch.

"A River Puns Through It"

Companies we all use constantly have consistently turned 1 Month of Expenses into 1 Year of Freedom ($100 of Amazon's stock in 1997 is worth more than $100,000 in 2019), and all we have to do, after investing, is nothing.

What long-term investing lacks in instant gratification it makes up for in effectiveness, and laziness.

"Fatfish on Bed of Greens"

So trust your intuition.

Put on your green goggles.

And appraise your world in a new way.

"Aha-hi Tuna"

Your first stock should be stupidly simple, and there are two places you can look: into the future, or in front of your face.