Here You Are.

Standing here, holding this stressful sack of money. You’ve spent your life to earn it, but have no idea where to put it.

You’re scared when “The Market” goes up. You’re scared when “The Market” goes down. You’re scared when you realize that you don’t really realize what “The Market” even means.

You feel secretly unqualified to hold your fortunes in your hands. But you feel equally unqualified to hand your sack to someone else. Who do you choose? Who has your interests at heart? Who is informed enough to know, talented enough to win, and nice enough not to abuse your inability to ask them basic questions about your own self-preservation?

You’re approached by sharks, and wolves, and gekkos. You are smart to feel the fear, because they can smell it on you. They smile, to see their prey is frozen, then they whisper in your ear...

“Give me all your money. If you don’t, you will lose everything.”

“If You Pray, You’re Their Prey”

“If You Pray, You’re Their Prey”

Everything sounds profound when you are terrified. And every decision is disastrous. There’s only one solution. That solution is conviction.

I believe that you can take it. But do you believe in you?

If you take forty minutes to attempt it, this presentation will rehabilitate your relationship with money, transform your self-trust, and protect you from all white-collar robbery.