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"Rich Dad, Pole Dad"

Thank you for doing this. I really—I know I already said this a million times—I really appreciate it. I mean, I would have gotten into investing or thinking about investing eventually, but this has made me think about things differently, and given me a goal, and made something that seemed scary at first seem doable and possible.
— Natalie Hernandez, Los Angeles, CA

"Trout vs. Pouch"

Our first conversation removed 100% of the worry from me, then our workshop took the doubt out. And now I am a total believer that 10% annual growth is for losers.
— Dan Rainbird, Cairns, Australia

"The Stream"

Ok good. Good! I’m excited. I just had never known that this would be so… simple. The world of investing is such a scary place. This makes it much more clear, and I’m so glad.
— Jennifer Angell, Portland, OR