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"Say hello to iCod. 1,000 stocks. In your pocket."

Prior to this course I was remarkably ill-suited to choose my own investments... In the past two years my Fat Fish portfolio has gone up by 130% and more than $190,000. I know it’s not about the short-term, but my investments are making me more than my actual job is and that feels pretty badass.
— Jerome Chiu, Boston, MA

"Diamonds Charr Forever"

Find Fat Fish compelled me to invest in Amazon and Netflix back in 2010. I turned my first investment into my wife’s wedding ring, and the AMZN and NFLX I’ve got left are up more than 1,200% and 3,400%!
— Russ Cohn, Los Angeles, CA


Find Fat Fish provides the perfect approach to long term investment because it synthesizes the analytics that I encountered during business school into simple, crucial questions that make up the foundation of value-based investing.
— Paul Capon, New York, NY

"No Shit, Sherlox"

"Rich Dad, Pole Dad"

We delved into companies worth investing in depending on your specific consumer situation, and how to scout finance documents. I learnt heaps about investing and feel comfortable and confident investing in stocks myself in the future. Thanks Cole for your help and support. Find Fat Fish 10/10
— Callum Ede, Brisbane, NSW, Australia

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"Overall, this is a sound, unpretentious primer for beginners. A well-crafted, easy-to-follow seminar on long-term investment." 
Kirkus Reviews

University of Queensland

"I've never understood stocks and it looked 'scary.' This makes it less scary and I'm starting to understand."
Genevieve Berlin, Brisbane, NSW, Australia

"Lots of interaction, presenter has a unique way of explaining things."
Dylan Choy, Brisbane, NSW, Australia

"Enjoyed the emphasis on how to analyze the future of a company."
Jeremy Steven, Brisbane, NSW, Australia


"Simple, valuable insight into how to get the ball rolling and be successful in the stock market."
Thomas Hand, Hobart, TAS, Australia


"I now see the way in which there is an intuitive spin on investing that complements the analytical/statistical parts of stock picking."
Nathan Cehic, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Curtin U

"Very interactive, felt connected to the presenter. Content was relatable to myself (things I use daily)." 
Chang Soon Koh, Bentley, WA, Australia


"I am an Australian Financial Professional who's learnt the most about the share market from an American English Major!" 
Hannah Tychsen, Sydney, NSW, Australia